St. Theresa Medical University

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Practical Training

We understand that medicine is a field that requires hours of practical learning. While theoretical lectures have their own vitality, nothing can substitute for workshops and training. We at St Theresa Medical University try our best to incorporate maximum exposure to practical learning to all the students. We have tied up with several universities and medical facilities around the country to ensure that we can offer the best to the students. Some of our famous collaborations to induce practical learning include:

  • Armenia Republican Medical Center
  • Kanaker-Zeytun Medical Center
  • Davit Anhaght Medical Center
  • Vardanants Center for Innovative Medicine
  • "Nork" Republican Infectious ClinicalHospital
  • Republican Scientific Medical Library
  • Shengavit Medical Centre
  • Somatological Polyclinic
  • Institute of Chemistry after A.L. Mnjoyan
  • White Lavander pharmacy Stomatological Centre named after Professor G.Yeghiazaryan

This opportunity given to the students to strengthen their practical knowledge by practicing in various medical institutions goes a long way in ensuring success in the field in the years to come. Alongside this, we also try to inculcate soft skills in them via a variety of drives and activities that are organized. Students are given an opportunity to participate in They have an active participation insanitary-instructive activities, organize charitable meetings, parties, reports, as well as look after the elderly,orphans and the other people.

Practical training definitely goes beyond what meets the eye. In the currently operating departments practical skills enable them to work in the sphere of medicine, and asfor the education in the humanities. This is a skill which is very important for doctors to take up. Not only does this prepare them to create necessary moral conditions for a quick recovery of patients but also offers them an opportunity as it helps them to communicate in different languages, work in the CIS andforeign countries as well.