St. Theresa Medical University

Get ready to study abroad


The unique selling proposition of St Theresa Medical University which sets it apart from other institutes in the same cadre is the fact that we offer quality education at an extremely affordable fee structure.

We understand that when students see a dream of pursuing a career in a particular field, financial instability should never tarnish their dreams. Keeping the same in mind, we have tried to accumulate the best resources from around the globe. We have made an attempt to enable students who dream of learning via the best professors in the world using the most advanced equipment get an opportunity at St Theresa Medical University.

Our fee structure Fees for all 6 years of study is 1200 USD. Students have topay an amount of 1750 USD as Ministry accreditation charges but that is applicable only for the firstyear of study.The first half of the course is spent in theoretical learning and advancement and is later followed by clinical practice in the last 3 years. The above figure is extremely reasonable when compared to what students have to pay for at private medical colleges world wide. Public and government run medical institutions though have a more reasonable fee structure; they often lack the resources that are required to help students firm their grasp in the field of medicine. Not just this, the seats are limited as a result of which the dreams of most students are never turned into reality.

At St Theresa Medical University we strive to offer students and environment of pure and boundary-less learning as well as an atmosphere where knowledge is nurtured. Coupled with this, quality education is offered at a reasonable and affordable fee structure which helps St Theresa Medical University to shine in their league.