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Our Achievement

“Show me a single medical university in the world which should teach future doctors charity”
USA doctor Patch Adams

On October 15, 2015, the 23rd anniversary of the medical university named after St. Theresa was celebrated. This is a university the main motivation and reason for establishment of which has been the creation of unified model of a social medical worker. The creation of this model provides a possibility to implement the strategic programs of social policies, the main target of which are the lonely, the handicapped, the orphans and the people with psychological illnesses.

In 1992 the first home care centre attached to the university was founded. With this occasion on 1995 the rector of the university Mr. Larisa Hambardzumyan has presented a report entitled “Open the doors to the home care nurses” at the international congress held at the Padua medical university in Italy.

The medical university of St. Theresa is a member of self-care theory program of international Orem Society (IOS) attached to the World Health Organisation. The program has been first developed and introduced based on Moscow experience by the Rector, Ms. Larisa Hambardzumyan.

The ministry of education of the Russian federation has provided the license to L. Hambardzumyan who has then provided those to the ministry of education and science in Armenia. The criteria and programs were developed by the university throughout the years through organizing lectures by the leading lectures the main purpose of which was to develop the care of the patients by nurses with the higher education thus contributing to the mentioned scientific theory.

We believe and clearly see the way of its development. The bearer of this philosophy is the medical university of St. Theresa who has been developing the role model of the charity medical worker since 1992 with the assistance of Rector Larisa Hambardzumyan. We believe that the words of doctor P. Adams were true for our university. Happy Anniversary, our dear university.

After analysed the long years working experience it’s impossible not to notice the similarities in views of Pa. Adams and founding rector of the university L. Hambardzumyan. A vivid proof of this fact is the model developed by the rector in 1992.