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Charity medical worker’s exemplary model characteristics

Theoretical & Practical Knowledge Moral-ethical, deontological, psychological, linguistic and social-pedagogical characteristics
1. Big reserve of professional knowledge 1. The feeling of devotion, adherence and high sense of responsibility to the correctly chosen profession.
2. Endowment of high humanitarian principles and beliefs 2. The moral and ethical professional maturity.
3. Mastering professional theoretical and practical knowledge, mastering patient care and treatment. 3. Professional and social high readiness and mannerliness.
4. Ability of logical thinking in clinic and by the patient’s bedside. 4. Civil confidence, consciousness and the existence of an active position
5. Desire to enrich theoretical and practical knowledge 5. Deep feeling of compassion, humane treatment to the patient (especially to old and disabled).
6. Ability to apply the acquired knowledge creatively. 6. Creative thinking capability (especially at working process)
7. Mastering the art of work and communication with the patient. 7. Demand to self – respect and work
8. Important knowledge in the field of politics, literature, art, ethics, medical deontology, aesthetics, religion, bases of social law, culture. 8. Uprightness
  9. Sensitivity and the demonstration of the norms of conduct in the process of interaction with a patient.
  10. The demonstration of restraint, self-control and self-discipline in life and especially at work.
  11. Discipline, multilateral development and desire to be rich spiritually
  12. The demonstration of self-judgement at work and in life.
  13. Observation endowment
  14. Healthy lifestyle and professional healthy imagination.
  15. Mastering of rules, ethics and culture of verbal communication with patients and their families.
  16. The ability of verbal impact on a patient.
  17. Entrepreneurship
  18. Modesty and discretion
  19. Ability of patience and full devotion to a patient
  20. Ability of optimism inspiration in a patient
  21. Thoroughness of the words and actions
  22. Virtue, charity, humanism
  23. Inversion (Understanding of the person in development)
  24. Patient’s internal world correct understanding (empathy) capability
  25. Accuracy and external cleanliness.