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About Us

St Theresa Medical University was founded in the year 1992. It is a private medical university which is situated in the city of Yerevan in Armenia. We offer undergraduate medical degrees across a variety of disciplines. Over the last few years, St Theresa Medical University has definitely established itself in the country and has been quoted time and again by the who’s who across the globe. The university has an extremely strong focus on offering quality education and ensures it upholds the strong reputation that they have built over the years.

The curriculum of the courses offered at St Theresa Medical University is extremely rigorous and constantly updated keeping in mind the changing technology across the globe. Students are imparted education which is both vital and keeps up with the current trends. Students are also awarded with merit based scholarships and tuition fee discounts based on exemplary performance by these standards.

The learning process at St Theresa Medical University is extremely student centered. This is complimented by the fact that they follow a very strict student to teacher ratio of 20:1. Not only does this ensure that every student is given individual attention but also helps them to learn and ask their queries freely. At St Theresa Medical University we try our best to ensure that nothing hinders the academic curiosity of a child.

We are extremely proud of having a teaching faculty which is always keen on academic developments and advancements. Not only does this go a long way in curating an atmosphere of learning in the classroom but also helps students to battle hesitation they may have about reaching out to the professors beyond the classroom. The teachers are extremely accessible and friendly. This is one trait that has helped St Theresa Medical University produce excellent doctors over the years.

St Theresa Medical University is a place where diversity has always been nurtured and celebrated. Courtesy this, the University has hosted professors and students from over five countries in the past who have come over to together teach, learn and build their careers further. It offers an educational environment which is unique to say the least. The amalgamation and coming together of different cultures definitely creates an atmosphere conducive of learning. Members of the University including the students are offered a great opportunity to learn and respect different cultures here. This learning definitely goes a long way in enabling them to become better doctors and above all, better human being in the days to come.

St Theresa Medical University has collaborated with the best medical schools from around the globe to offer top notch education. These collaborations entitle students and professors to student exchange programs and offers for professional training and education in other countries. These collaborations with universities across United States and Europe ensure that students get opportunities to hone their talent outside the classroom. They get opportunities to learn important virtues like respect, tolerance, and friendship which definitely will contribute international collaboration, peace and dialogue. The University is extremely proud of the students they have groomed and cultivated over the years. Hey definitely are a testimony to the efforts of everyone at St Theresa Medical University. They have acclaimed themselves and brought laurels to the University with their exemplary performance of skills not just in Armenia but around the world.