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About Armenia

Armenia is located in the Southern Region of the Caucasus in Eurasia; the Republic of Armenia is a mountainous country. Yerevan is the capital and largest city of the country. The official language of the country is Armenian, which is widely spoken by most natives of the country.

A country which is known wide and far for its Rich cultural heritage; the country has been progressing at a phenomenal rate over the past decade. It is known for hosting some of the best Universities across the globe. The history of Armenia depicts a rather sad story. It got independence from the Czar and the Turks in 1918. However, that was followed by Soviet rule till 1991, when the country got its true independence. But the country has very well managed to rise from the clutches of the past and embrace the new traditions.Armenia has boasted of a literacy rate above 100% even as early as in 1960.

One of the most profound qualities about education in Armenia which attracts students from across the globe is the fact that education is very affordable here. It is very economically friendly to acquire degrees in this country and hence a great deal of students from around the globe flocks here to acquire education. Armenian medical universities are known for their infrastructure that helps students become expert medical professionals.

Alongside, aesthetically Armenia is a beautiful country with an extremely accepting culture that welcomes and celebrates diversity. Hence students like moving in to such countries where they are appreciated and given an open culture to thrive.