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Medical Study is definitely one of the most sought after degrees in the present scenario. With the world becoming privy to new diseases and malfunctions, in the current age there are very few professions that can match that of a doctor when it comes to nobility. Not just that, the degree offers a platform for students to explore their quest for knowledge like never before and benefit from the advancements in the world of science and technology.

We understand that millions of students around the globe envision creating a future in medicine. They dream of learning via the best professors in the world using the most advanced equipment. We at St Theresa Medical University try our best to enable students to turn their dreams into reality. We strive to create an environment where knowledge can bloom and students can make the most of their abilities. We offer students an atmosphere where intellect and knowledge is nurtured at its best.

We understand the fact that securing a degree from private medical schools can turn out to be a very costly affair. Alongside, the lack of facilities and low seat count at public medical schools often discourage students from taking up medicine world wide. Keeping these facts in mind, here at St Theresa Medical University we have tried to curate an affordable degree for the students alongside ensuring that they have access to the best facilities from around the globe.

Students can leave their worries about practicing medicine in Their home country after securing a degree at our University at bay since all the degrees offered by us are recognized by the ministry of education. To complement this is also the fact that they are accredited by several organizations from around the world. Situated in a country that has an extremely open and welcoming culture, at St Theresa Medical University students can be rest assured that a bright future awaits them. With great appreciation for diversity and a culture that encourages uniqueness, the University should definitely be on the list of those aiming to pursue medicine abroad.

The St Theresa Medical University strives to ensure that students are provided with necessary space and teaching methodological materials, as well as with highly qualified pedagogical staff to aid them in their journey of securing a medicine degree. Students are also offered advice at various junctures in choosing a profession according to the above-mentioned curriculum.



Our Achievement

On October 15, 2015, the 23rd anniversary of the medical university named after St. Theresa was celebrated. This is a university the main motivation and reason for establishment of which has been the creation of unified model of a social medical worker. The creation of this model provides a possibility to implement the strategic ...

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Charity Medical Worker

Mother Teresa (1910–1997) was a Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute around the world. She spent many years in Calcutta, India where she founded the Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation devoted to helping those in great need. In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and became a symbol of charitable, selfless work. In 2016, Mother Teresa was canonised by the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Teresa.

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Candidates are first supposed to send across their duly filled application forms with all fields filled carefully. Post that they will be screened and the student needs to apply for the offer letter. If the students passes all the standards set by the St Theresa Medical University he will receive a letter of acceptance. Fees will have to be transferred to the University thereafter if the student wishes to secure his seat. Thereafter the student can apply for a VISA based on the same and can fly down to the University on acceptance.

The teaching pedagogy at St Theresa Medical University is a good mix of traditional and modern teaching methods. Students are imparted knowledge with the aid of educational (practical) lectures and workshops. Alongside practical courses, course papers and degree work is also organized to ensure students can keep up with the rigor and changing methodologies around the globe. Students have to compulsorily appear and pass examinations to get promoted to subsequent semesters.

The University always strives to provide students with educational developments, information, articles and normative acts. It may render students additional services within the limits of its possibilities.

The University has hosted professors and students from over five countries in the past who have come over to together teach, learn and build their careers further. It offers an educational environment which is unique to say the least. The amalgamation and coming together of different cultures definitely creates an atmosphere conducive of learning.

The University is extremely proud of the students they have groomed and cultivated over the years. They have acclaimed themselves and brought laurels to the University with their exemplary performance of skills not just in Armenia but around the world.